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Success in hockey is comprised of a high number of variables, and at BYG we strive to be the very best in all facets of hockey training, not just one. Players and parents have a limited amount of time, money, and energy to devote to hockey, no matter how dedicated they are. That’s why you need to have the very best skill training, strength training, and small games all in one place.

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Practice does NOT necessarily equal perfect…

It all starts with technique. Hockey is one of, if not the most skill intensive sport in existence. The way a player performs on the ice is mostly comprised of how well they’ve mastered the very small motor coordination tasks that hockey requires. It should go without saying that not every way of performing skills is as efficient and effective as every other. At BYG, professional skill instructor, Dave Perri, who has been teaching hockey skills for almost a decade with tremendous success, has put together a skills curriculum that is unique to BYG and viciously effective.

Great stickhandling is like playing a violin – it involves each arm performing vastly different motions at the same time to create some of the most beautiful, almost otherworldly action. It’s VERY unintuitive. Players must learn and master many, many different, little motions separately so that they can come together during a game to perform fluid improvisations during a game. In our experience, there’s no such thing as a natural stickhandler. Stickhandling only appears natural after many hours of practice; but those hours of practice would all be in vain if they weren’t spent practicing the most efficient and effective techniques.
Shooting a puck hard (as in high velocity) is a fine thing. There are some technique changes that can produce noticeable upticks in MPH, and we certainly go over those. But, if you shoot the puck into a goalie’s chest or wide of the net then it doesn’t matter if you shoot 70mph or 5mph, it’s not going in. So accuracy is more important than speed. But, as Wayne Gretzky famously said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, so if you don’t get the shot off at all, then it doesn’t matter how fast OR how accurate you shoot that puck. So getting shots of quickly and from different angles relative to the net should always be our #1 priority. This is where most coaches and players make their big mistake. In being obsessed with velocity, players are often taught shooting techniques that cause them to get shots off slowly or not at all as they struggle to turn themselves to the “perfect” angle, place the puck in the “perfect” spot, and then wind up before they shoot. At BYG we teach a very unique brand of shooting that allows players to shoot from all angles with no wind up and without any loss of velocity. For real. We know it seems like players might have to sacrifice velocity to shoot without winding up, but we’ll show you how they don’t.
It’s not unusual to see a really fast skater who isn’t particularly fluid or a fluid skater who isn’t particularly fast. At BYG, we keep our eyes on both of these elements, isolating them to create more efficient opportunities to get repetition, which is the most necessary element for improvement at both.

When it comes to skating fluidity, the name of the game is Balance. Balance is coordination specific, of course. If you put Tony Hawk on figure skates he isn’t going to be an Olympic champion figure skater and if you put Patrick Kane on a skateboard he isn’t going to be an elite skateboarder. That’s why we practice balance drills both on and off the ice that reflect the same movement patterns required for balance on ice skates.

When it comes to skating speed, the name of the game is Power. Power, explosiveness, and ultimately speed are mostly a function of muscle development. We utilize plyometric resistance training off the ice and speed skating drills on the ice to focus on the element of a player’s skating skills.


Enjoy Improving and

Fun is a priority at BYG. Besides the fun of seeing real improvement, we design our sessions so that the kids are having fun virtually every moment. We don’t like dry practices. We space out our drills and our small games so that player’s attention spans don’t wane. We have a wide variety of fun equipment, fun games, and good times that players enjoy each and every time they walk in the door.

Professional Team
The Volume Advantage
Small Groups, Small Games


Something Different

All of these different variables create an environment that’s genuinely unique. There’s a million different AAA teams out there. Everybody plays AAA. That’s not going to get you ahead. Every high school has an STP program and every player does that, too. That’s not going to get you ahead. Build Your Game absolutely will. We’re unique enough, we’re exclusive enough (having a small staff of professional trainers means space in our programs is very limited), and we’re quality enough that we can really bend the curve of player improvement in a way that most will players will never experience. We can snap the career inertia caused by a system where players are all doing the same thing, playing against other similar players, practicing the same skills they already know how to perform. That’s why we’re the best. That’s why you should choose BYG!

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