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Our YouTube channel has nearly 3,000 subscribers and over half a million views!  We plan to make more videos in the near future that are instructional and entertaining. 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel here and check out some of our videos below!

Easily our most popular video, Dave Perri gives examples of many different stick tricks in this entertaining montage.

Dave Perri demonstrates how to get shots off from many different angles without winding up.

Dave Perri explains the three most important aspects of shooting, in order of importance and explains why they are ranked as such.

Dave Perri shows you around our facility and some of the fun things we do here to become better players.

Dave Perri explains what makes our College and High School programs a cut above the rest.

Dave Perri explains what we do in our youth training programs to ensure a bright future of hockey for young players.

Two BYG students, Shawn (Age 11) and Kaeden (Age 9), show off skills at our facility!

A quick game to help keep yourself focused while you practice hockey at home.

Dave his star player, Josiah, go over a few hockey stick tricks that I feel have value for home practice and teach you the techniques for how to perform them.

Two star players go head to head in a few stickhandling races.