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BYG Slideboards by Dave Perri

When it comes to resistance training for hockey players, there’s no piece of equipment more versatile or more iconic than the slideboard. They’ve been a staple of every speed skater’s workout regimen since they were invented in the 1980s. It’s hard to find a resistance training exercise more similar to a skating stride than the exercises an athlete can perform on a slideboard.

As a niche item, I find that commercial boards are often overly expensive or poorly designed. That’s why I’ve been making my own since 2008, both for myself to use at Build Your Game and for individual players upon request.

We currently are offering these for Twin Cities metro area local delivery and curbside pick-up, but if you are from out of town, please contact us and we can figure in shipping.

slideboard exercise


Why Choose My Slideboards?

  • The sleek design gives my boards a very small footprint, allowing them to be slid under a bed or behind a couch when not in use
  • Harder plastic than most commercial models makes my boards more slippery and helps them stay that way longer
  • Special treads allow my boards to be safely used on any carpeted floor, preventing them from “walking” into nearby furniture, a common problem with many commercial models
  • Angled bumpers with thick foam cushioning are more comfortable for feet when pushing off
  • My boards are a full 8 feet long, not that weak 6 foot stuff 

Order Today!

Check out the video I made a few years back, exampling some of the various exercises that can be done!

My boards sell for $225 to the public (tax included).

(No-contact pickup available upon request, metro-area delivery available for $25).

To order, simply contact me via email ( or using our contact form) or give us a call at 763-438-1750.

Pick-up is at at Build Your Game dryland training facility (1610 99th Lane NE Blaine, MN 55449).


Take care,

Dave Perri