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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work.Sessions for Coaches and Players

Team sessions at Build Your Game give coaches and players alike the opportunity to learn and train with a
professional training staff. We run the workout so that coaches can have the chance to learn our modern and effective ways of teaching technique. Here’s a quick overview of what a team session at Build Your Game would look like:

Off-Ice Sessions
Off-ice sessions with Build Your Game are where players get the repetition they need to master new skills in an environment where they can easily hear and understand their instructors. Sessions are 60 minutes long. Teams are split into two halves. For 30 minutes, one half of the team will be learning stickhandling and shooting skills on our 1,200 sq. ft polymer “ice-like” surface while the other half of the team works with our certified personal trainers on hockey-specific strength and conditioning exercises out on the gym floor. Then, the two halves switch places for the remaining 30 minutes. In this way, each 60-minute workout is fast-paced, high intensity, and professionally supervised throughout. We are open to doing 90 or 120 minute workouts upon request.

While working with players on their stickhandling and shooting, we make sure that:

teamsessions• Off-ice technique mirrors on-ice technique.
• Foot positioning, posture, and weight distribution must be the same for the technique to
transfer into meaningful on-ice improvement
• Players are taught a wide variety of modern, useful stickhandling moves and techniques
• Shooting is taught in a way that emphasizes not only power, but also getting shots off quickly from any angle Players receive lots of individual attention and feedback.

While working with players on their strength and conditioning, our certified personal trainers make sure that:

• Players perform hockey-specific strength and conditioning exercises that will help them perform better on the ice
• Every exercise is performed safely and effectively
• Players remain focused and receive the full benefit of each planned workout

On-Ice Sessions
On-Ice Sessions with Build Your Game allow players to get comfortable and confident with their stickhandling and shooting skills while on their skates. Players have the chance to work on their moves and techniques in real time, which is an important element of cementing concepts and building player confidence. Sessions are 60 minutes long and take place during already scheduled practice times. Teams simply decide which practice nights will be Build Your Game nights.

When Build Your Game works with youth teams, we design every drill and every practice, but still utilize each team’s coaches to help drills run quickly and smooth. This serves two important purposes:
1. It saves associations money by eliminating the need for us to bring out multiple instructors.
2. Coaches are able to see the drills we use and learn about the moves and techniques that we teach. That way, coaches can continue player development during their own practices when we aren’t there, making the money that you spend with Build Your Game even more well-spent.
Please note that even though the skill instruction at the on-ice sessions is geared towards players, we still require goalies to be present and in their goalie gear at all on-ice sessions in order to get the most benefit for players.


BYG Team Sessions
  • 60 minute on-ice sessions with coaches and players
  • 60 minute off-ice sessions with coaches and players

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Required Reading for Parents and Athletes – Concussion Information Sheet (.pdf) 



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