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Join The Club.Get an edge on the competition this winter by joining the BYG Club!

What do you get?
A consistent enough schedule to make a real difference, yet sparse enough that you’ll never be overwhelmed, The BYG Club is designed to be the perfect compliment to a high school player’s season. Club sessions are every Wednesday and Sunday, except on holidays. Typically that amounts to 7, 8, or 9 training sessions per month. 

shootingblockProfessional Skill Development
At BYG, our skill instructors are stickhandling and shooting experts with years of experience training hockey players. The drills are intelligently designed and organized so that players aren’t just learning what each skill is supposed to look like; they’re also getting many repetitions in a short amount of time. Plus, they’ll be scrimmaging in our mini hockey rink where they’ll get more handles of the puck and be involved in more stick battles than they do when they’re on a big ice sheet. It’s great for aggressiveness along the boards and handling the puck in tight spaces. That’s what makes our winter training sessions different and more beneficial than the every day practice. And players need it more than ever once the season begins. Our BYG Club skill sessions give players confidence, and a place where they can be free to explore their creativity without the pressures of team performance on them. More than anything, BYG Club sessions give them something they can look forward to that’s just for them.

Smart Body Development                                                                                  
There’s two things that make BYG’s strength and conditioning workouts uniquely effective:

  1. Progressive Overload. Progressive overload is fitness industry shorthand for “progressively overloading the muscles”. In practice, that means we actually record on paper how much resistance the players are using and how many reps they’re accomplishing that particular week, and then we make sure that when they come back the next week they are accomplishing more. This is crucial because the human body is terrible at knowing whether it’s going 80% or 100%. To us, 80% makes our muscles burn just as much as 100%, and it feels just as awful! So, the tendency is for players to think that they’re going hard enough when their muscles are burning, instead of digging for those extra few reps. That’s why we track their progress; so that they know exactly how much resistance to do and how many reps they need to shoot for in order to improve by 10% each and every week. It’s also hugely motivating to be able to see exactly how far they’ve come!

  2. Anti-Core Training. You read that right. Most players have used their big core muscles a lot between playing sports, modern day gym class, and just running around being a kid. It’s the smaller muscles on the outer parts of the body and their limbs that tend to hold them back. The upper trapezius muscles, the side and rear shoulder muscles, and especially the forearm muscles, almost never get any direct work because the average trainer either doesn’t know how to work them or doesn’t prioritize them. Yet these muscles contribute more to stickhandling and shooting than any others.

We do spend time on the big muscles, too; particularly the big lower body muscles. We progressively overload the big, compound leg movements, such as the squat, which are often done without resistance in other training programs. Doing leg movements without resistance, however good they may be for conditioning, does not increase the size of the player’s leg muscles and, therefore, does not increase strength. Strength matters greatly for fluidity and for being strong on the puck. But it’s also the single best measure of how fast a player can skate, since speed = strength minus resistance. If your muscles can move a lot of weight, they can move your body fast.

That’s what so special about BYG’s Smart Body Development sessions – we train the right muscles and we train them right.

When is it?
The BYG Club starts in November for high school players and runs through the end of May.

How does the schedule work?
The BYG Club takes place on Wednesdays and Sundays, except on holidays. We schedule it this way because those are the two days that are most safe from high school hockey games. Players at this level require a couple of nights per week to really be developing as they ought to, and we’ve had great success with this schedule since we switched to it a couple years ago. As always, players will get lots of instructor attention and many, many handles of the puck each time they train. Approximately 60 minutes of each session will be stickhandling & shooting and the other 60 minutes will be smart body development.

Is the BYG Club part of the Loyalty Program?
Yes! The BYG Club is part of our loyalty discount program, so every member gets a 5% discount on the upcoming summer and fall programs. The BYG Club, being our lowest priced training of the year, nets you the greatest discount per dollar on future programs. So, if you’re even considering joining us in the Summer or Fall, you can save a lot of money by joining us this Winter!

The BYG Club runs through May. By signing up you are committing to be enrolled in the BYG Club every month between the time of sign up and the last month (May). If you are paying by credit card, your card will be billed on the 1st of each month. If you are paying by check, you simply pay the entire cost of the program up front.

BYG Club High School
  • 7 – 9 sessions per month  

November – May: $195 per month

*Players who join after the initial month must pay a $75 activation fee.


Required Reading for Parents and Athletes – Concussion Information Sheet (.pdf) 



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